Litter-less Lunch and Snack Day is Tuesday, March 24


On Tuesday, March 24 Elsie Mironuck School will be promoting a litter-less lunch and snack day for National Nutrition month. On March 24 we will be promoting healthy snacks & lunch that are non-packaged. We are asking that all food sent to school that day are in re-usable containers that the students can take home. There will be two classroom prizes awarded to the classes who produce the least amount of waste. The prize for Grade 1to Grade 4 is a class trip to the Science Centre and the prize for Grade 5-8 is a class trip to the Imax.

Litter-less Lunch and Snack Ideas

Did you know—One student taking a disposable lunch to school creates a total of 30 kilograms of lunch waste every year! The healthiest food choices often do not come in packages. Packing litter-less lunches and snacks encourages everyone to learn new food preparation skills.

Here are some tips:

¨ Use a reusable lunch bag

¨ Use reusable containers

¨ Make large batches of healthy recipes during the week—left overs can be taken for lunches and snacks

¨ Buy foods in large containers instead of individually packaged items. Yogurt, applesauce, pretzels, etc. can then be separated into individual reusable containers. Buying items this way is often less expensive.

¨ Pre-wash and cut assorted fruits and vegetables

¨ Pack lunch the night before

¨ Use reusable water bottles and utensils

¨ Avoid paper or plastic bags, plastic wrap and foil, single use containers or juice boxes and overly packaged/processed foods

¨ Some lunch ideas: Pasta salad, soft tacos, pizza bagels, hummus, hard-boiled eggs, etc.