Try Martin Academy Day - Open House

Try Martin Academy Day - Open House

Thom Feeder Basketball Tournament

Please see the attached 2 documents for information regarding the Thom Feeder Basketballl Tournament.  Go Elsie`s Eagles!

Busses are back on schedule today!

All busses for our school are back on schedule today Friday, Jan. 13th. Please dress warmly, it is still bitterly cold outside. For parents dropping off students, please drop off no earlier than 8:37 am as this is when we have available supervision.


Thank you everyone for working together during this challenging time.

Transportation Cancelled

Due to extreme weather, all busses are cancelled for the entire day.  School is still open and running as usual. Please ensure students are safe getting to and from school.


Thank you everyone for being extra careful in this extreme weather.

Please Watch for Weather Tomorrow!

Please see below for information about severe weather and transportation as per Admin Procedure 570:

If the weather as reported by Environment Canada at 6:00 a.m.  including windchill is -45 or below, all transportation is cancelled for the entire day but schools remain open.


If the weather as reported by Environment Canada at 6:00 a.m. including windchill is between -40 and -45 regular transportion will be as per usual, except for students transported in wheelchairs.



8. Severe weather conditions and adverse operating conditions such as high winds, poor visibility, extremely cold temperatures, high wind chill factors, blizzards, snowdrifts, deeply rutted or snowbound roads, torrential rain, flooding and/or mud, may extend bus running times, resulting in late arrivals and/or departures. Parents/ guardians should ensure that children are suitably clothed to withstand weather extremes, that children are supervised until picked up, and that children have a place to go in the event of an emergency or an unavoidable delay.

9. The provision of transportation may be limited to specific days in instances where the distance and the weather are contributing factors to the decision to convey students to school : .

9.1 If the wind chill/temperature is –45 C or below at 6:00 A.M., according to Environment Canada, all student transportation will be cancelled.

9.2 If the wind chill/temperature is –40 C or below at 6:00 A.M., according to Environment Canada, transportation for some students, requiring specialized hydraulic lift equipment (such as for students in wheelchairs), may be cancelled.

10. Should services be disrupted or cancelled, parents/guardians and students will be notified through the School Connects Synrevoice System and/or through radio, TV, and RPS social media (Twitter, etc.).


11. If bus operations are cancelled it is the parent’s responsibility to make alternate arrangements to get their child to and from school. 12. In the event that bus operations are cancelled according to 8.1, all school related charter activity involving students will also be cancelled.



Thank you to all our families for keeping our students safe during this cold snap.

All Regina Public School busses cancelled

Due to extreme cold, all busses are cancelled for today Wednesday, January 11th.  School remains open. Band is also cancelled.

ANNUAL MEETING - Board of Education

ANNUAL MEETING - Board of Education

Happy New Year - Bonne et heureuse année!

We are back to school on Thursday, January 05th, 2017 Day 5 at 8:53 a.m.


Looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful students after a nice two week holiday.  It is January weather out there, so dress for the temperatures and be safe on your way to school.




Happy Holidays to all our families! Joyeuses fetes à nos familles!

Well, we made it to the end of the year.  Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season.  Students are out today at 2:30 p.m. and will return to school on January 05, 2017 at 8:53 a.m.


Have fun during the break, relax and enjoy the time off.  Looking forward to continued learning and growth in the new year.



Winter is here...

Well, we had a long fall with beautiful weather and the snow stayed away for an extended period.  Winter has come back and with it comes cold temperatures, wet snow and yucky conditions.  Proper winter clothing and boots are a must now to keep our students safe and warm while outside at recess.  Students and staff are working hard to keep the entrances clear and safe.  Labelling items is always a great way to have them return back home to the proper owner.


Note that students remain on the playground in the morning until the bell rings at 8:53 a.m.   Indoor recess will only happen once the windchill is below -25 C.  If the windchill prior to school reaches below -25, students will be ushered in for their protection.  Let`s bundle up to stay warm this winter!

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