SCC [School Community Council]

Welcome to the School Community Council page.


Please join us for the next SCC meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month.






2016-2017 Executive

Elected Members

Chairperson: Amber Melenchuk

Vice-Chairperson: Chandra Flatt

Treasurer: Dean Seifert

Secretary: Pam Turner

Members At Large:

Christopher Evan

Jackie Sakatch

Glori-Ann Wowchuk

Brandi Worrall

Chris Bachmann


Appointed Members

Taren Trew, Parent

Simone Verville, Principal

Frankie Pelletier, Vice-Principal

Karen Leniczek, Staff Rep

Terri MacPhail, Community Coordinator

Our Email Address:


See below for the Elsie Mironuck SCC Constitution



EMSCC Agenda 2017-01-09.pdf13.61 KB
EMSCC Minutes 2016-11-07.pdf121.95 KB
EMSCC Constitution - Revised January 2017.pdf145.95 KB
EMSCC Minutes 2017-02-13.pdf551.66 KB
EMSCC Agenda 2017-03-13.pdf196.83 KB