New School Year 2016-2017

Back to school English Rentree

Hello Students, Parents and Guardians,


We sure hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and taking advantage of summer holidays.  This is just a little reminder that school officially starts for students on Thursday, September 1st at 8:53 a.m.  Our kindergarten students will have a staggered start and parents/guardians should have received communication to advise them of the actual start date last spring.


Students will gather on the playground and be directed by staff according to their grade.  They will then be taken to their classroom by their new teacher for this year.  Busses will run as usual.  If you required information from Transporation, please see the post below for their hours and contact information.  Do not worry about school supplies as we will be ordering in bulk this year in an effort to save money and time.  Students should come to school with a backpack, their indoor shoes and for those students in grades 4 and up, a change of clothes for physical education.


There is still plenty of summer left to enjoy!  Get outside, be active and enjoy the freedom.  Don't forget to keep on reading daily to challenge your brain and keep learning.


See you soon Mironuck Eagles!


School Supply List for 2016-2017

Please see the note below regarding the bulk purchase of school supplies for the next school year.  No shopping required, we will notify you of the cost in September 2016.  Have a safe and super fun summer!

Summer Transportation Department Hours

See the document below for information regarding the summer hours for our transportation department.



Speech and Hearing Month

Ears are for Reading Too!

May is Speech and Hearing Month in Canada.  Talking, reading, and playing with your child daily will promote healthy speech.  These simple but important daily activities also help your child become a reader because oral language is the foundation of literacy. Children need strong vocabularies to help them understand what they read. Children need to learn how to rhyme and hear the individual sounds in words before they can learn to spell and read simple words.

Adequate hearing is necessary for the development of speech and language and important for learning at school. Your child can’t learn what they can’t hear! Delays in speech and language may be an indication that your child has a hearing problem.  However, a mild hearing loss can easily go undetected and lead to delays in reading and school achievement. The ear is the “doorway” to the brain for sound. Hearing loss of any type blocks that doorway, preventing sound from reaching the brain. Ear infections are common in young children and can impact hearing and therefore slow the development of speech, language, and early literacy skills.

One way to help your child’s reading skills develop, is to have your child’s hearing checked.  Speak well. Hear well. Live well.  

Families with questions or concerns about their child’s speech and language are encouraged to contact the Speech-Language Pathologist through Albert Community School. 

Meghan Saunders, MSc., SLP (C)

Speech-Language Pathologist

Free Hearing Screenings in May

In the month of May, Dr. Debbie Davis and the audiologists at Eastside Audiology are providing FREE hearing screenings to anyone under 18, including newborns. Screenings will be held at the following Regina Public Libraries:

  • Glen Elm Branch – Wednesday May 11th (5:30pm)
  • Sunrise Branch – Saturday May 14th (noon)
  • Connaught Branch – Wednesday May 18th (5:30pm)
  • Regent Place Branch - Saturday May 21st (noon)


If you are unable to take advantage of one of the free screening clinics scheduled in May, contact The Hearing Aid Plan (306-766- 7555) or a similar agency to have your child’s hearing checked. 

Music Monday Assemblies

music monday


Please join us once again this year as École Elsie Mironuck Community School celebratesmusic education i schools with our annual Music Monday Assemblies.  We will hold twoassemblies this year due to our large number of students.  The following is the tentative program:

Music Monday Program May 2, 2016 #1 (k-4) 9-10am



1. Cross-Hannila-Levasseur– Recorders/OYE (dance/song) New World & Simple Gifts

2. Shakespeare-Zaphshala - We are One (official Music Monday Song)


4. BorysBatman Theme on Orff/drums MUSIC (Cartoon signs?)

5. Hordern/Patterson gr.1-2 - Fantastic Mr. Fox DANCE

6. Leniczek-Braun collaborationOn Parle Francais MUSIC VIDEO!

7. Hannila – Squares DANCE (ask a few dancers from Levasseur)

8. Briere - TBA

9. SurkanProjet LACETS / Electric Powwow (w/Littletent Boys and Compain signs)

10. Rosa and Heather Stitches Shawn Mendes




Music Monday Program May 2, 2016 #2 (5-8) 12:45-1:45

1. Cherkas-Racette-Surkan – Recorders – OYE – New World & Simple Gifts


3. Areneda – French Song/percussion

4. Braun-Leniczek collaboration - On Parle Francais MUSIC VIDEO!

5. Boutilier – Jumba Womba/percussion

6. SurkanProjet LACETS / Electric Powwow (w/Littletent Boys and Compain signs)

7. Debolt – Rap Poetry  TBA

8. Rosa and Heather – Stitches by Shawn Mendes




Celebrate the last day before spring break with BEACH Day!



Thursday is the last day before our Spring Break!  Classes end on Thursday, March 24th at 3:37.  Help us celebrate with a BEACH Day!  Classes resume on April 4th at the regular time of 8:53 a.m.  Happy break to everyone - be safe, enjoy the outdoors and come back to school ready to learn and have fun!

And yet another pair found!

And yet another pair found!

More found glasses!

More found glasses!

Missing any eyewear?

Missing any eyewear?

Is your child missing their eyewear?

Is your child missing their eyewear?

Pop by the office to claim these missing specs.

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